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Modifying Pennsylvania Child Support During COVID-19 Quarantine Without Delay

April 08, 2020 | Blog, Child Support, COVID-19

Icon for author Brian Vertz Brian Vertz

Parents wishing to modify child support orders may be stymied while the courts of western Pennsylvania are temporarily closed by the shelter-in-place orders issued by Gov. Tom Wolf and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Yet, many parents need immediate relief as their incomes have been reduced by COVID-19-related business closures, layoffs, furloughs and the national economic downturn. They might not want to wait a month or more for the courts […]

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Do I Still Need to Pay Child Support During COVID-19 Closures and Quarantines?

April 03, 2020 | Blog, Child Support, COVID-19

Icon for author Candice Komar Candice Komar

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted most aspects of our lives. It’s no surprise it’s created questions and problems for parents dealing with child support and custody issues. Courts are taking the following position: A court order entered before the COVID-19 crisis is still enforceable unless it is modified. If you are able to pay, payments should be made as usual through Pennsylvania’s online payment system known as PACSES. If you […]

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