COVID-19 and Collaborative Law: What You Need to Know

April 17, 2020 | Collaborative Law, COVID-19, Legal Perspective, Videos

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How can the collaborative process help couples wishing to start divorce proceedings while courts are closed due to COVID-19? Pittsburgh family law attorney Stephanie L. Jablon, a partner at family law firm Pollock Begg, explains how this alternative dispute resolution option keeps divorce cases private and out of court.

Collaborative cases are resolved between a team of collaborative professionals and the divorcees, on a schedule that is convenient for all parties. The collaborative process can be started now, even during the current court closures, since meetings are accomplished remotely via video or telephone conference and do not require court appearances.


Stephanie holds certifications in both collaborative law and mediation and finds her collaborative practice is most beneficial for families who have a priority to co-parent and wish to resolve issues respectfully without going to court. To read more about Stephanie’s collaborative law practice, visit her bio page. To receive notifications when we post new videos, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We also post notifications on our social media channels as well through FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter. Follow us for updates and call us with questions at (412) 471-9000.



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