Pollock Begg Law Clerk Ari Glasser Explains How the Right Legal Team Can Help You Combat False Abuse Allegations

March 27, 2023 | In the News, Protection from Abuse - PFA

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False allegations of abuse are not uncommon in divorce proceedings. Ari Glasser, a law clerk at Pittsburgh family law firm Pollock Begg, explains how protection from abuse petitions and orders work, and what falsely accused individuals can do to fight untrue allegations.

A protection from abuse order is an order prohibiting the defendant from speaking or interacting with the plaintiff or plaintiffs. Only people who are your family or household members, sexual or intimate partners or who share biological parenthood with you may request a protection from abuse order against you. Protection from abuse proceedings can be initiated by the allegedly abused party, or by a parent on behalf of their minor children.

But the PFA process can be misused by one party to gain advantage in divorce proceedings or deprive the other parent of custody.

Read Glasser’s recent column in The Legal Intelligencer to learn how a skilled family law attorney can help you combat untrue accusations of abuse. 

Visit our Protection From Abuse orders page to learn how Pollock Begg attorneys help protect clients who are fearful for their safety and defend clients falsely accused of abuse.

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