Will a Collaborative Divorce Work for You?

May 20, 2020 | Collaborative Law, Divorce, Legal Perspective, Videos

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Pittsburgh collaborative family law attorney Candice L. Komar explains the benefits available to individuals and couples through collaborative divorce, including greater privacy and more control over the process.


A leading mediator and collaborative attorney in matrimonial law, Candice often deals with family law cases and divorces involving closely held businesses, complex issues and high net worth individuals. In her family law practice, she strives to impart clients with knowledge and concrete, comprehensive analysis. Candice understands the motivations and needs of both parties and creates strategies in her collaborative divorce cases that take their interests (as opposed to positions) into account. Pursuing an interest in the psychotherapeutic dynamics of family law, she also holds a Certification in Constellation Therapy through the Hellinger Learning Institute of Western Pennsylvania. Visit her bio page to learn more about Candice.

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