Pittsburgh family lawyer Anastasia Brophy Snyder brings empathy and a talent for conflict resolution to complex divorce and child custody cases.

Compassionate and attuned to the needs of her clients, Pittsburgh divorce attorney Anastasia Brophy Snyder brings her background in advocacy and a passion for empowerment to Pollock Begg. From her work within the juvenile court system to her service as a volunteer voter protection attorney, Anastasia’s commitment to equity and inclusion gives her a unique perspective into the complexities of family law.

Combining compassion with a dose of pragmatism, Anastasia takes the time to listen to her clients and set realistic expectations, all with an eye toward negotiating resolutions to complex and sometimes painful family law issues.

Prior to joining Pollock Begg, Anastasia worked as a staff attorney and parent advocate for the Allegheny County Bar Foundation’s Juvenile Court Project. She is a member of the Allegheny County Bar Association, serving as a council member in its Women in the Law Division and participating in its Young Lawyers Division. Her work with the Young Lawyers Division’s Anti-Racism Committee in planning a Green Card Renewal CLE and Clinic received national recognition from the American Bar Association.

A Philadelphia native, Anastasia fell in love with Downtown Pittsburgh while a law student at the University of Pittsburgh. When she’s not spending time with Kylie Jenner (her tuxedo cat), she enjoys trying new restaurants and attending shows in the city’s Cultural District. Anastasia also owns her own small business, Pinball Girl, selling vintage pinball machine parts online.

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