Skilled in financial analysis and alternative dispute resolution, Brian C. Vertz is uniquely equipped to translate facts and figures into a narrative judges and clients can relate to.

Pittsburgh divorce attorney Brian C. Vertz brings experience, business acumen and sharp negotiation skills to a broad array of family law matters. With an MBA, business valuation training and certification in collaborative divorce, Brian untangles complex issues from equitable distribution cases to cross-border international custody disputes.

Clients who work with Brian remark on his tenacity and unwavering dedication to their financial and emotional well-being. Trained in collaborative divorce, arbitration and mediation, including cross-border international family law mediation, Brian is motivated by compassion for his clients and children who are affected by divorce.

Known throughout the legal community as a creative problem solver, Brian is a formidable advocate in the trial and appellate courts with an impressive track record in difficult child support and divorce litigation, as well as prenup enforcement and child custody proceedings.


Using his business valuation training and MBA degree, Brian is frequently engaged in complicated financial cases involving business owners, licensed professionals, pro athletes and executives. These skills also benefit clients whose financial circumstances are less complicated, but just as important. Brian has also developed a concentration in matrimonial tax issues. His book, “Divorce Taxation,” is the go-to reference on tax strategy for family lawyers.

A former resident of Downtown Pittsburgh, Brian now resides in a small suburb of the city. He stays active by strength training, kayaking, biking and hiking. Brian loves exploring the world’s treasures and festivals such as Oktoberfest in Munich, the Alhambra in Spain, wineries in Tuscany and Christmas in England. He’s a devoted fan of Michigan college sports — Go Blue!

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