The legal rights of LGBT parents have been recognized by the Pennsylvania courts to one degree or another for many years; however, not all lawyers or judges are familiar with same-sex custody and adoption cases and the special issues they involve. For example, Pennsylvania has not enacted a surrogacy law, so special care is needed in cases involving surrogacy arrangements and gestational carriers. Also, it might be prudent for gay and lesbian couples to perform second parent adoptions to avoid interference by donors and other related parties who might attempt to make claims to a child. Pollock Begg’s lawyers are keeping up with the latest developments in same-sex custody and adoption law to effectively represent clients in these important cases.

Can Pollock Begg help with same-sex custody and adoption?

Even before United States v. Windsor, the Pennsylvania courts afforded custody and adoption rights to same-sex parents. The options were perhaps more limited for gay and lesbian parents, such as second parent adoption and visitation rights for unmarried partners of biological parents. Today’s legal advances have opened up opportunities that may not have existed years ago. Gay and lesbian custody and adoptions are another area where Pennsylvania law is evolving, and Pollock Begg’s lawyers are closely monitoring the latest developments.

Sorting out the rights of gay and lesbian parents, unmarried partners, genetic donors, foster parents and surrogates can present complex factual and legal issues. Second parent adoption may be a viable option for gay and lesbian parents whose spouses or partners wish to adopt. Some parents become eligible to adopt children they have fostered. Adoption often requires the termination of parental rights, which may be more difficult when contested. Adoption cases require meticulous attention to detail at each stage of the process.

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