When you got married, you may not have known the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, or perhaps your financial fortunes changed recently. Those are both good reasons to create a postnuptial agreement. Often clients come to us because they have an unexpected inheritance or a business suddenly grew and now their financial situation is more complex. Creating a postnuptial agreement can take that financial complexity out of the emotional realms of your marriage and give both of you peace of mind.

What is a postnuptial agreement?

Our Pittsburgh postnup attorneys first look at the motivations you have in seeking a postnuptial agreement and how this will promote a long marital relationship. In addition to covering instances of separation or divorce, postnuptial agreements look at what will happen in the case of the death or disability of one spouse. The same considerations we take into account for prenuptial agreements come into play. Many times a postnuptial agreement is part of a comprehensive estate plan. We work with many of the top estate and trust attorneys in the city who call upon us to draft these documents as part of their plan for their clients.

If you have a question about a postnuptial agreement, please contact us. Our Pittsburgh postnup lawyers would be happy to walk you through the financial details of marital property and talk to you about the ways in which this type of agreement can protect your business, your family and your marriage.

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