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Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines Are Revised – February 2017

February 13, 2017 | Blog, Child Support, Income Calculations, Uncategorized

Icon for author Brian Vertz Brian Vertz

Parents who are receiving child support in Pennsylvania might get a small raise in 2017 — if they negotiate or go to court under the new Pennsylvania child support guidelines, effective May 1, 2017.  To find if you might might be entitled to a raise (or have to pay more), look at the new Pennsylvania child support guidelines that are posted here. The Pennsylvania courts do not automatically grant child […]

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Grandparent Visitation and Pittsburgh Families

February 07, 2017 | Blog, Child Custody

Icon for author Candice Komar Candice Komar

Many people look forward to the time when they become grandparents.  A time to go to parks and museums and spoil their grandchildren without all of the formal responsibilities that come with being a parent.  But what happens when two parents divorce and family stressors get in the way of grandparents being allowed to see their own grandchildren?  Do grandparents have any rights under Pennsylvania law?  If you are a […]

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Divorce and Retirement Accounts

January 31, 2017 | Blog, Divorce

Icon for author Todd Begg Todd Begg

Many Pittsburgh couples have retirement accounts ranging from a company pension to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that they opened online to roll over a 401(k) account from a former employer.  So, what happens when the couple files for divorce?  How are those retirement accounts divided between the parties? Employee Retirement Income Security Act The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that governs many types of […]

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DIY Divorces: Think Twice Before Handling Your Own Divorce

December 30, 2016 | Blog, Divorce

Icon for author David Pollock David Pollock

In 2015, there were 2582 divorces in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania alone.  While there are no clear statistics on how many of those couples attempted to complete a do-it-yourself divorce, there are certainly countless websites and fill-in-the-blank forms suggesting that proceeding without an attorney is efficient and easy in addition to being cost effective.  But there can be numerous concerns and pitfalls when a divorcing couple tries to complete a divorce […]

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