Marriages Torn Apart by Alcoholism

August 15, 2016 | Divorce

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The National Alcoholism Center provides that over 7 percent of Pennsylvanians suffered from alcohol abuse or dependence over the past year.  With a Pennsylvania population of 12,802,503 residents as of July 1, 2015, 7 percent totals a staggering 896,175 individuals suffering from alcoholism. Individuals suffering from alcoholism bring many negative consequences into a marriage and can even complicate the divorce process including: Lack of employment: While many people with a […]

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Is Parental Conflict Too Great for Shared Custody?

Pennsylvania Appeals Court Weighs Shared Custody Factors

August 12, 2016 | Child Custody

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Estranged parents in Pennsylvania might wonder whether a court is likely to award shared custody when there is parental conflict. Recently the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, in S.A.W. v. R.J.S. (non-precedential), No. 2214 MDA 2015 (August 5, 2016), heard an appeal from a Father hoping to overturn a shared custody decision. The Father argued that shared custody was not in the children’s best interests because the parents were incapable of cooperating with […]

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Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney, Joseph Williams, Addresses Premarital Planning

August 09, 2016 | In the News

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Pollock Begg Komar Glasser & Vertz LLC attorneys often provide legal insight on trending news topics in all areas surrounding family law, including prenuptial, postnuptial and settlement agreements. A prenuptial agreement (or premarital agreement) is an agreement between prospective spouses outlining their property rights in the event of death, divorce or both. Financial Planning in Marriages The recent increase of divorce and re-marriage among couples in the U.S. prompts a […]

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Who Benefits from a Prenuptial Agreement?

July 29, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements

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The Pennsylvania Department of Health provides that in 2015, there were 72,774 marriages statewide.  During that same year, there were 33,600 divorces and annulments.  These statistics suggest that many, if not thousands, of Pittsburgh residents would have benefited from a prenuptial agreement clarifying the spouses’ financial responsibilities. Spouses Who Should Consider Premarital Agreements Who benefits from having a Pennsylvania prenuptial agreement?  Many people think that only billionaires have a financial […]

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