To craft an equitable division of marital property, it’s important to be able to identify and accurately value the assets. Division of marital property becomes much more complex when the case involves businesses and professional practices, trusts, charitable foundations, deferred compensation, restricted stock or stock options, royalties, foreign bank accounts or offshore assets. Sometimes it is necessary to deal with corporate governance issues, unwinding trusts, defending IRS audits or unreported income, pursuing wrongful termination claims and conducting forensic accounting investigations.

Our Pittsburgh complex divorce attorneys at Pollock Begg have extensive experience in business valuation. We relish simplifying the problems that arise in these cases and finding a resolution that satisfies our client.

How is a complex divorce different from other cases?

In complex cases, this can include:

• Business assets, including closely held businesses, corporations, partnerships, proprietorships
• Executive compensations plans
• Retirement accounts, including pensions, 401(k)s, IRAs
• Second homes and investment properties
• Investment accounts and mutual funds
• Stock, stock options and bonds
• Bonuses and deferred compensation
• Mineral interests, including oil and gas, minerals and water rights
• Trust funds, offshore accounts and other diverted income
• Tax issues related to income

In family law, there are two types of complex cases, and the lawyers of Pollock Begg are uniquely positioned to handle both types due to our team approach and extensive experience. The first kind involves asset valuation issues that require experts, finances that are intermingled or missing, and the need to analyze nonmarital assets. These cases typically require thorough discovery, depositions, and pretrial pleadings. Secondly, there are complex support cases, which require pretrial discovery, sometimes vocational or accounting experts, and more hearing time than routine wage earner cases. In fact, complex support cases can become small trials of their own due to the amount of information which needs to be presented to the court.

Each Pittsburgh complex divorce lawyer at our firm works well with other attorneys and CPAs to align with the long-term plans for the business, or family, disrupted by divorce. We bring an intense willingness to get the case resolved and the ability to look beyond the emotional issues in a case and stay focused on the long-term strategy, keeping our clients on track with their goals.

We have our own cadre of regular experts, which allows us to quickly put together requests for the right types of information for different assets and businesses. These experts help us with the discovery process and the case strategy, as well as the cross-examination of the other side’s experts. As always, we seek first to settle, but prepare from the start to fully litigate the case.

Call our Pittsburgh family law attorneys at Pollock Begg to discuss the complexities unique to your case and how our team assist.

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