Divorce presents some unique challenges to women living in Pittsburgh. First, many women have suspended or terminated their careers to manage the household and care for children. The courts may expect some type of earnings will be generated by these spouses in a relatively short period of time while simultaneously navigating the stress and upheaval of the separation and divorce. Often, the use of a vocational expert can help the spouse defend an assertion by the other that they can simply resume their career without any financial setback. Each Pittsburgh women divorce lawyer at Pollock Begg is very familiar with using vocational experts on both sides of a case and can assist spouses in accurately depicting their earning capabilities. This can also result in procuring sufficient time for the spouse to determine what they actually want to pursue in terms of employment rather than being forced to take whatever position they are offered due to financial constraints.

Should I look for employment?

The answer depends on many factors such as the length of your marriage, the earnings and earning potential of your spouse, the size of your marital estate, your monthly needs, the ages of your children and more. The lawyers at Pollock Begg are well-versed in this issue and can assist you in taking a comprehensive look at your case given all the relevant factors and assist you in making the best decision regarding this important topic.

Am I entitled to Social Security benefits?

Many people ask if they can request the Pennsylvania court to award them their fair share of their spouse’s Social Security benefits earned during the marriage. In reality, Social Security benefits are governed by federal law and Pennsylvania courts have no jurisdiction over them. Therefore, if you would ordinarily be able to collect Social Security benefits from your spouse’s earrings, you will still be able to after the divorce provided you are not remarried for a certain period of time. The benefits are actually based on a calculation and they do not come out of an account set aside for the other person, so they do not receive less in their monthly benefit just because you receive benefits based on their work history.

The Social Security statements which reflect earnings of a person during their lifetime can be invaluable in proving or disproving a person’s earning abilities. The lawyers at Pollock Begg are experienced in utilizing these reports in cases and can answer any questions you may have about how to obtain them from both sides of the case.

The receipt of Social Security benefits in the future and the projected amount can be relevant to an alimony determination. The Pittsburgh divorce attorneys at Pollock Begg are able to assist you in analyzing your options and incorporating the payment of Social Security benefits in to your case in a manner that is most favorable to you.

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