Whether you feel unsafe and are considering filing for a Protection From Abuse order or you’ve been accused of abuse, Pollock Begg can help you understand the law and the best strategy to protect yourself and your family. We strive for the highest level of protection for our clients who are experiencing domestic violence.

In cases where a false claim of violence is brought forward in an attempt to sway the divorce or custody proceedings, we aggressively defend our clients. We believe both parties have a right to safety and fairness.

How do I know if I need a Protection From Abuse order?

If you have a reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm or are physically prevented from leaving your residence, even if your current or past partner hasn’t physically harmed you, you can file for a PFA. If there has been violence or the threat of bodily harm, you should strongly consider a PFA. This PFA can be filed any time of the day or night and prevents your current or past partner from having contact with you for up to 36 months. A PFA can be an important way to secure your safety and peace of mind. The court enters an order initially based only on the testimony of the person seeking protection. A hearing is scheduled within 10 days, at which time the defendant has an opportunity to defend.

If you have a question about whether or not you should obtain a PFA, please contact us. We can listen to the particular details of your situation and help you decide if a PFA is the right step to take.

What do I do if someone files a Protection From Abuse order against me?

A PFA should only be filed when there’s a reasonable fear of bodily harm, but there are times when one party might feel it’s advantageous to file for a PFA when no real threat exists for strategic purposes. These false PFAs can be attempts to force once partner to move out of the residence or manipulate the custody proceedings. If a client is falsely accused of abuse, we work relentlessly to ensure they’re fairly represented in court and we strive to have the PFA dismissed or receive a civil settlement of no abuse.

Our extensive work in complex divorce cases means we can help you understand how a PFA could impact custody and support matters in your situation, no matter how straightforward or complex.

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