“How can I end my marriage with integrity?”

“How can I resolve differences in my divorce with less conflict?”

“How can I get a divorce without going to court?”

These are questions individuals think about when contemplating divorce. Maybe you want (as many do) to stay out of the court system as much as possible to protect your business assets, your privacy and your family life. Maybe you just want to quietly and gradually separate to maintain some dignity with your partner.

The court system is slow and court dockets are growing longer every year. Many judges have limited capacity to hear economic issues because they are trying to keep up with more urgent matter involving custody. That’s why a growing number of clients come to our office asking for an alternative dispute resolution approach to their case.

Why should I choose alternative dispute resolution?

Couples choosing alternative dispute resolution are looking for processes and techniques which act as a means to reach an amicable agreement without resorting to litigation. Alternative dispute resolution is a collective term that encompasses methods such as collaborative law, arbitration and mediation. These methods are generally more expedient, less costly overall, less combative and more private than litigation.

How can I avoid court in my divorce proceedings?

Our family law firm can recommend the most effective type of alternative dispute resolution for your case. These processes are generally confidential, less formal and less stressful than traditional court proceedings. Clients typically arrive at a much more satisfactory solution and often times have more creative options.

Pollock Begg has divorce attorneys who are trained in all alternative dispute resolution areas and can discuss your goals and find the right avenue for your situation. We can represent you in these proceedings, or, if you have counsel already, serve as the mediator or arbitrator.

For more information, contact our office or review the profiles of collaborative attorneys Candice L. Komar, Stephanie L. Jablon, Lindsay A. (Nemit) Siters, (also trained mediators), Ashley M. Majorsky, Brian C. Vertz (also a trained mediator and arbitrator) and Joseph R. Williams.

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