Todd M. Begg’s background in psychology and sociology equips him as one of Pittsburgh’s most successful child custody attorneys.

Pittsburgh divorce attorney Todd M. Begg brings intensity, drive and motivation to benefit his clients in and out of the courtroom. A well-known equitable distribution and custody litigator, Todd M. Begg has excelled in complex, high-conflict divorce cases for more than three decades.

Articulate and experienced, Todd exhausts all efforts to amicably resolve issues and is also a zealous advocate for his high net worth clients in the courtroom. With a background in psychology and sociology, Todd is extremely confident litigating cases dealing with issues of addiction, mental illness or abuse and is comfortable analyzing the critical testimony of psychologists, social workers and other experts in these convoluted cases.

He is an active lecturer on family law-related matters and has previously lectured on custody, support and discovery in divorce actions for local and state bar associations as well as the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

Todd enjoys working out with his wife and is a very active father to their two children. He enjoys traveling, the arts and athletics and is a fan of European wines.

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