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When Parents Live in Different States

October 27, 2016 | Child Custody, Legal Perspective

Icon for author Todd Begg Todd Begg

In the United States, it is reported that the percentage of marriages that fail is somewhere between 40 and 50 percent.  But married couples are not the only ones who split up and live apart.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides that 40 percent of all births are to unmarried couples.  Although the CDC does not specifically state how many of the unmarried couples live apart, it is fair […]

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Pittsburgh Family Law Attorneys, Staff Participate in American Heart Association Walk

October 21, 2016 | Community

Icon for author Pollock Begg Pollock Begg

The Pittsburgh family law attorneys, staff and extended family at our Downtown-based matrimonial law firm are participating in the 2016 Pittsburgh Heart Walk on the North Shore on Saturday, Oct. 29. The team has a recruitment goal of 10 members and hopes to raise $500 by the organization’s deadline of Dec. 29. According to the American Heart Association’s website, the Heart Walk is the group’s “premiere event for raising funds […]

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Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers Take a Look at Divorce After Age 50

September 30, 2016 | Divorce, Legal Perspective

Icon for author David Pollock David Pollock

More Americans 50 and older are divorced than widowed.  A half-century ago, only 2.8 percent of Americans older than 50 were divorced. By 2000, the number increased to 11.8 percent. While many divorcing couples face the stress of selling a marital home or arranging for new housing, for those over age 50, there are specific concerns that must be addressed in a divorce case, including: Delayed Retirement: A divorcing couple […]

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Divorce Basics

September 23, 2016 | Alternative Dispute Resolution, Divorce, Legal Perspective, Mediation

Icon for author Joseph Williams Joseph Williams

Just like every wedding is unique and different, every divorce is slightly different from all others as well. Although there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter divorce, there are some common basics that apply to almost everyone facing divorce regardless of the length of their marriage, the reason for the breakup or the size of their marital estate. Read and Understand Read and understand everything that is prepared and […]

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Pittsburgh Custody Attorney Candice Komar Featured on PCNC ‘NightTalk’

September 23, 2016 | Community

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Prominent Pittsburgh custody attorney and founding firm partner Candice L. Komar will join the PCNC “NightTalk” crew this Friday, September 23, at 8 p.m., to discuss custody and divorce filings by Angelina Jolie Pitt. Custody of the six children Jolie and husband Brad Pitt share is expected to be the largest part of the divorce proceedings, as Jolie has filed for sole physical custody, with visitation rights for Pitt, while […]

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Pittsburgh Custody Attorney Candice Komar to Discuss Angelina Jolie Pitt Divorce on ‘NightTalk’

September 23, 2016 | Divorce, Press Releases

Icon for author Pollock Begg Pollock Begg

PITTSBURGH — Prominent Pittsburgh custody attorney Candice L. Komar will examine elements of the high-profile Angelina Jolie Pitt divorce filing on WPXI Pittsburgh Cable News Channel’s “NightTalk” tonight, Friday, September 23, 2016 at 8 p.m. After nearly 12 years together, including two years of marriage, Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt have multimillion-dollar careers, luxury homes and six kids between them. Komar and other guests will likely discuss physical legal custody […]

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