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Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney Candice L. Komar Outlines Rewarding Benefits of Collaborative Law … for Attorneys

The collaborative law process is empowering to both clients and attorneys. Discovering ways to break communication barriers and zero in on both parties’ needs and desires in each case is satisfying. What’s not to love about a process that helps clients, but also yields creative and concrete dividends for the collaborative professionals? From teamwork, to snacks with a purpose to watching families begin to heal, collaborative law provides numerous ways […]

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Is Litigation or Collaborative Law Best for My Situation?

Pittsburgh divorce attorney and partner Joseph R. Williams, discusses traditional litigation versus collaborative divorces.   Joe is a partner at Pollock Begg with collaborative training and certification from the Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania. He was recognized as the 2022 Pittsburgh “Lawyer of the Year” in Family Law Arbitration by Best Lawyers in America and is a proven leader and an energetic force on the Pittsburgh legal scene, serving […]

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Do I Have to Get a Divorce to Receive Support?

Did you know you can file for divorce even if you are living in the same house? Did you know you can file for support even without filing for divorce? Listen in while Pittsburgh spousal support and child support attorney Candice L. Komar touches on common support questions from clients. Candice is a Pollock Begg partner recognized as a leading practitioner, litigator, and highly skilled negotiator in matrimonial law. Her practice […]

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Why Should I Consider a Collaborative Divorce?

Pittsburgh collaborative family law attorney Candice L. Komar explains the benefits of collaborative divorce for individuals who wish to keep their financial details as private as possible. A leading mediator and collaborative attorney in matrimonial law, Candice often deals with family law cases and divorces involving closely held businesses, complex issues and high net worth individuals. In her family law practice, she strives to impart clients with knowledge and concrete, […]

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Collaborative Law: Latest Trend in Divorce the New Normal

The breakup of a marriage often involves heated, angry, hurt feelings. Despite this, many couples identify maintaining family harmony as a top goal in reorganizing their lives and moving their separate ways. Collaborative law with Pittsburgh family law attorneys is a way to work through the details of a divorce in a fair, cordial, private and cost-effective manner. It facilitates communication between the divorcing spouses to enable them to make decisions […]

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Considering Divorce: Discover Options

No two marriages are the same, and so it only follows no two divorces will be the same either. While the majority of divorcing couples today choose the traditional model of litigated divorce, keep in mind litigated does not mean the divorce ends up in court. In fact, the vast majority of all divorce cases are resolved by an out-of-court settlement agreement, each choosing a slightly different route of dispute […]

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