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Do I Have to Get a Divorce to Receive Support?

Did you know you can file for divorce even if you are living in the same house? Did you know you can file for support even without filing for divorce? Listen in while Pittsburgh spousal support and child support attorney Candice L. Komar touches on common support questions from clients. Candice is a Pollock Begg partner recognized as a leading practitioner, litigator, and highly skilled negotiator in matrimonial law. Her practice […]

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5 Sets of Documents to Gather Before Filing for Support

October 09, 2018 | Alimony, Child Support, Legal Perspective, Spousal Support - APL

Icon for author Joseph Williams Joseph Williams

Separating from your spouse is overwhelming, especially for someone who is financially dependent on their partner. In Pennsylvania, the law allows a parent who exercises primary custody of a minor child or a parent who has shared custody but makes less money than the other party to file for child support. Similarly, while a divorce is pending, the lesser earning spouse might have a claim for spousal support or alimony […]

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Will I Lose My Health Insurance When We Divorce?

April 16, 2018 | Divorce, Legal Perspective, Spousal Support - APL

Icon for author Lindsay Nemit Lindsay Nemit

Your health may be the most important asset you have and protecting it is top priority. Maintaining health insurance is a top priority, and the uncertainty about how coverage will be maintained during separation and after divorce is a very sensitive subject during divorce proceedings. Each spouse is equally concerned and has questions about when the dependent spouse’s coverage will end and who will pay for the coverage until it […]

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Spousal Support of Foreign Nationals – The I-864

April 30, 2015 | Legal Perspective, Spousal Support - APL

Icon for author Brian Vertz Brian Vertz

Back in 2012, I reported on a Pennsylvania Superior Court case, Love v. Love, in which Pennsylvania recognized a support obligation arising from sponsorship of a foreign national spouse.  Now, the ABA Family Law Quarterly has published an article, entitled “The I-864 Affidavit of Support: An Intro to the Immigration Form You Must Learn to Love/Hate,” examining Love and similar decisions around the United States.  As the article mentions, a […]

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Late-Stage Request for APL Denied Because Petitioner Delayed Divorce

In an unpublished opinion, the Superior Court affirmed a Fulton County decision denying alimony pendente lite (APL) to an unemployed husband who was accused of delaying the divorce. In DeSaulniers v. DeSaulniers, No. 1386 MDA 2012 (July 3, 2013), the husband and wife participated in master’s hearings to divide marital property in late 2010. A master’s report was issued in the spring 0f 2011. Husband filed exceptions, resulting in a remand […]

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Unsuccessful Defense of Support Obligation Affirmed

Three related issues were addressed by the Superior Court last month in SMC v. WPC, 2012 PA Super 92 (April 24, 2012). First, the Superior Court held that evidence of post-separation misconduct rising to the level of indignities is not sufficient to establish a defense to spousal support unless it sheds light upon similar misconduct prior to separation. More specifically, the Court affirmed a decision not to deny spousal support to […]

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