Free Resources for Medical Practice Valuation

June 24, 2009 | Business Valuation, Legal Perspective

Icon for author Brian Vertz Brian Vertz

One of my favorite email blasts, BVWire (published by BVResources), described several free resources that might interest professionals who are interested in the value of their medical practices.

1. Kaiser Family State Health Facts. In addition to excellent statistics on all things healthcare, this resource includes a chart showing Nonfederal Physicians per 1,000 Population in 2008 and the concentration of physicians in the Northeast U.S.

2. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Table 23 of the 2007 CMS Statistics, “Practitioners per CMS Region,” shows the number of practitioners per 100,000 population.

3. Merritt Hawkins & Associates. Their 2008 Survey of Primary Care Physicians is another must-see.

Additionally, BVWire provided a link to the free 2009 ASC Valuation Survey Results by HealthCare Appraisers, Inc., which contains valuation multiples and transaction activity as well as extensive practice survey results.

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