Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney Stephanie L. Jablon Outlines Benefits of a Complete Team in Collaborative Family Law

March 28, 2022 | Collaborative Law, In the News

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Pollock Begg Partner Stephanie L. Jablon, a collaboratively trained and certified family law attorney, aggressively works to amicably resolve a variety of cases and has seen alternative dispute resolution options become increasingly popular.

However, few clients take advantage of the full collaborative divorce process, according to Jablon and may be missing out on many of its benefits.

Misconceptions about how collaborative divorce works may be behind clients’ slow embrace of this trend, which can help families resolve marital dissolution in a fair, respectful, efficient and cost-effective way.

The most basic definition of collaborative divorce involves an agreement between the two parties not to proceed through court, but the full process involves a team of professionals using an interest-based approach to resolving issues. When fully embraced, Stephanie says she’s seen the collaborative family law process help clients organically arrive at highly personalized and creative settlement terms that truly meet the needs of their family.

Read Partner Stephanie L. Jablon’s top 5 benefits to using a full collaborative team, in her recent column in The Legal Intelligencer.

Skilled in the courtroom and certified in collaborative family law and mediation, Jablon works toward cordial resolutions that allow clients to move forward with hope. She is vice president of the Collaborative Law Association of Southwest Pennsylvania and serves on the Allegheny County Bar Association’s Collaborative Law Committee. Read her online profile for more details and visit our Collaborative Divorce page to learn about the specialized services offered by Pollock Begg.


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