Scientists Says These Dance Moves Will Attract Women

September 17, 2010 | Family Law News, Legal Perspective

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OK. It’s Friday afternoon, late in the summer, and perhaps my judgment is off but I thought this was amusing. University research scientists in the UK have published a study of dance moves that are most likely to attract women. According to the website Gawker:

According to the study—led by psychologist Dr. Nick Neave and researcher Kristofor McCarty of Northumbria University in the UK—the big secret to good dancing is using your whole body (as demonstrated above), and not just your arms and legs. . . .

How did they figure it out? The researchers used 3D motion-capture technology (like the kind that Hollywood special-effects departments use to create Gollum and Megan Fox) to record the dancing of 19 male volunteers. They then transferred the moves to a computer-generated avatar (to eliminate qualities like “height” and “actual attractiveness, in the face”) and had a group of 37 straight women rate the dancing on a scale of one to seven.

The Gawker link contains a video demonstration of these irresistable moves, showing computer-generated avatars (tasteless, but safe for work).  Just be warned, guys, not to dance like this until your divorce is final! You might not be able to fight off the ladies.

Who funded this research, anyway?

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