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Entrepreneurs at Greater Risk of Divorce?

The holidays have given me some time to catch up on my overdue reading list. One article I recently caught was Inc. Magazine’s November 2010 article on entrepreneurs who divorce. Business owners may be at greater risk of divorce, the article suggests, because of the time and emotional investment that a fledgling business requires, the independent attitudes that entrepreneurs may develop, and the financial sacrifices that may be necessary. Conversely, […]

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What’s the Hullabaloo about Balicki?

In Balicki v. Balicki, 2010 Pa.Super.134 (2010), the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s decision to discount the value of an insurance business, based on the hypothetical income taxes that would be incurred by its owner upon sale of the business. The trial court’s decision was itself a reversal of the master’s report, in which the master found that the tax discount was inappropriate because the owner would not likely […]

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Judges are Deciders, not Investigators, in Divorce Litigation

September 16, 2010 | Business Valuation, Divorce, Legal Perspective, Marital Property

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A recent post on BVLaw (culled from the materials for the BVR Summit on Business Valuation in Divorce, going on now in Chicago) reminds us that pre-trial discovery and preparation are essential tasks in divorce litigation which must be conducted by the parties, with the assistances of their lawyers and experts, not the court: Speaking at this morning’s BVR Divorce Summit, Judge Thomas Zampino gave some excellent advice for matrimonial […]

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Blazer: Double Dip Still Moribund in California

Last year I had the privilege of attending the BVR/Morningstar Summit on Best Practices in Business Valuation in Divorce, which will be held this month in Chicago. Unfortunately I have to miss it this year as I will be visiting my new niece in San Diego. They will be discussing the latest developments in business valuation and complex financial issues in divorce, including the following summary of a double-dipping decision […]

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