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Husband’s Divorce Settlement Forecloses Action by His Corporation Against Wife

In Habjan v. Habjan, ___ A.2d ___ (Pa.Super.2013), the Superior Court was confronted with a question of whether to “pierce the corporate veil” by holding Husband responsible for a lawsuit initiated by his business corporation against Wife, thereby abrogating the release that Husband gave her in his marital settlement agreement. Husband and Wife were each 50% owners and officers of a corporation formed during the marriage to operate motels in […]

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Pennsylvania Courts Examine Full and Fair Disclosure in Family Law Agreements

Marriage and divorce are not cold business transactions. Couples who are about to marry or divorce have emotions and intimate relationships that may compromise their ability to negotiate at arm’s length like business people. For this reason, the law of Pennsylvania prior to 1990 imposed two special requirements upon family law agreements, such as prenups and divorce settlement agreements.  Pennsylvania law prior to 1990 required (i) full and fair disclosure […]

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Court Will not Rewrite Settlement Agreement to Prevent Future Disputes

In an unpublished decision, the Superior Court recently declined an invitation to rewrite a marital settlement agreement in order to avoid the possibility of future disputes over the use of funds committed to a children’s trust. In Hvidzak v. Hvidzak, No. 37 WDA 2012 (February 22, 2013), the Father and Mother entered into a marital settlement agreement in which they agreed to establish two trusts for the benefit of their […]

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Dealing with Discovery in Divorce

April 18, 2012 | Blog, Divorce, Settlement

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Resolving a divorce requires a lot of information. The process of exchanging information and documents is formally known as “discovery.” Our courts have issued rules that litigants must follow when requesting discovery and responding those requests. The discovery rules include deadlines for answering requests and procedures for resolving conflicts when litigants do not produce all that is asked of them. Discovery can be a major headache for divorcing spouses. No […]

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