Pittsburgh Divorce Attorneys Discuss Process of Divorce During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 27, 2020 | COVID-19, Divorce, In the News

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COVID-19 may have shuttered the courts but divorces are still proceeding, just differently. There’s more to consider, more to weigh in on and a matrimonial lawyer is needed to explain these complicated intricacies.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s business section on Sunday, April 26, examined the issue of marital separation during the current COVID-19 pandemic and interviewed several high-profile Pittsburgh family law attorneys.

Pollock Begg Partner Candice L. Komar stated there are ways to still move a divorce forward during the COVID-19 closures and the attorneys at family law firm Pollock Begg are answering phones, negotiating and working with clients via telephone or video conference.

Some attorneys interviewed noted clients are more apt to proceed right now, while others are cautious of the different economic climate and the impact on support, business valuation and other calculations figured into divorce settlements. Collaborative divorces can still proceed although doing so via video conference only, rather than in person.

Komar is a recognized leading practitioner, litigator and highly skilled negotiator in family law matters who is also certified in mediation and collaborative law. With a head for business and more than two decades of experience, Candice is known for being able to quickly assess cases, synthesize the numbers and provide cost options and estimates to her clients.

To contact Komar for an interview, call the office directly (412) 471-9000 or the firm’s agency, Ideality Communications at (724) 359-5225.

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