Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney Candice L. Komar Outlines Rewarding Benefits of Collaborative Law … for Attorneys

The collaborative law process is empowering to both clients and attorneys. Discovering ways to break communication barriers and zero in on both parties’ needs and desires in each case is satisfying. What’s not to love about a process that helps clients, but also yields creative and concrete dividends for the collaborative professionals?

From teamwork, to snacks with a purpose to watching families begin to heal, collaborative law provides numerous ways for attorneys to flex both creative and analytical muscles.

Read Komar’s commentary in The Legal Intelligencer to learn about her top three creative and practical benefits of the collaborative law process. 

Certified in collaborative law and skilled in alternative dispute resolution techniques including mediation, Komar provides solid plans to guide clients through the legal process to a new chapter in life. Read her online profile for more details and visit our Collaborative Divorce page to learn about the specialized services offered by Pollock Begg.




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