Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney Megan A. DelVecchio Advises Co-parents to Plan Ahead to Address Educational Decisions

October 17, 2022 | Child Custody, In the News

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When parents share custody but disagree on where their kids should go to school, court intervention may be required. Whether a parent asks the court to choose a school or requests sole legal custody to make educational decisions on behalf of the children, it can take months to resolve the issue.

Pollock Begg Associate Megan A. Delvecchio outlines the planning and information needed to navigate the lengthy process without stress over a looming back to school deadline.

Read DelVecchio’s commentary in The Legal Intelligencer to learn how open discussions, some research and planning ahead make shared custody educational decisions easier.

DelVecchio brings extensive trial experience, specialized training in mediation and skilled technique working collaboratively to settle cases out of court to her family law practice at Pollock Begg. Check out her online bio for more details.

Visit the custody section of our website to learn about the custody factors considered in making educational decisions for children and how Pollock Begg can guide you through the process.

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