Pittsburgh Family Lawyer Elisabeth W. Molnar Offers Unique Perspective on Keys to Effective Co-Parenting

March 15, 2024 | Child Custody, Collaborative Law, In the News

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Navigating post-divorce co-parenting is never an easy or straightforward journey, but effective communication – including active listening and delayed reactions – can help smooth the path.

Using both her perspective as a family law attorney and her own experience as a parent navigating divorce and co-parenting, Pollock Begg Partner Elisabeth W. Molnar offers insight, practical advice and strategies on effective co-parenting in her recent commentary in The Legal Intelligencer.

Molnar discovered her passion for family law, particularly cases involving complex custody issues, after working in civil litigation. She received her certification in collaborative law to help provide clients with a multitude of representation options to ultimately foster healthier relationships and ensure children’s well-being long after the divorce is finalized.

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