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5 Settlement Documents that Divorcing Business Owners Must Have

When business owners get divorced, their settlement may have profound consequences for the business and other owners. Often, one spouse “sells” or gives up a share of the business to the other spouse. Since most small business owners do not have enough cash to pay a lump sum for that share, they might have to make installment payments over months or years. It is critical to structure the divorce settlement […]

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Massachusetts Authorizes Post-Nuptial Agreements

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled recently that agreements between spouses who plan to continue their marriage but wish to define their legal rights and obligations in the event of divorce are enforceable in that state. Some states (notably Ohio) do not permit spouses to execute agreements waiving their marital rights unless they are actually pursuing divorce, and the law of many states is unsettled. In its recent decision, […]

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USA Today Says Prenups are “In”

April 08, 2010 | Legal Perspective, Prenuptial Agreements, Settlement

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An article published recently in USA Today reports that prenuptial agreements are more acceptable today to couples who are engaged than at any time in the past. Nearly one-third of single adults say they would ask a significant other to sign a prenup, according to a February survey of 2,323 adults by Harris Interactive. Only 3% of folks with a spouse or fiancée have a prenuptial agreement, but that’s up […]

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