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10 Cash Flow Rules In Divorce (Part I)

In business, they say, cash flow rules. The same principle is true, I find, in divorce. I have been brainstorming a set of cash flow “rules” for divorcing spouses. Here is part one: 1.  Never run out of cash. My #1 divorce rule is the as Inc Magazine‘s #1 business rule. In divorce, there is a period of time immediately following separation when a divorcing spouse’s cash flow may be […]

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Spouses Have Bathroom Privacy Rights

March 11, 2010 | Court Decisions, Legal Perspective

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A link on How Appealing alerted me to a recent decision of the Minnesota Court of Appeals, finding that a person has a right of privacy from being videotaped while alone in a residential bathroom shared with that person’s spouse. Even married persons can be found guilty of violating privacy laws in that state when they record video of their spouses undressing without their consent. The defendant in the case […]

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