Mediation is Reshaping the Divorce Process: Perspective from Pittsburgh Family Lawyer and Certified Mediator Lindsay A. Nemit

October 13, 2023 | Alternative Dispute Resolution, In the News, Mediation

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Divorce is never easy, but alternatives to traditional legal proceedings are giving couples a chance to end their marriages amicably, while maintaining dignity and privacy and often saving time and money.

As Pollock Begg’s newest certified mediator, Associate Lindsay A. Nemit takes a deep dive into the increasing popularity and benefits of mediation in the divorce process for her recent commentary in The Legal Intelligencer.

Nemit’s passion and experience in alternative dispute resolution — both as a certified collaborative family lawyer and now a certified mediator — allow her to tackle complex divorce and custody cases with a focus on preserving her clients’ time, resources and privacy. Read her online bio to learn more about her background in ADR.

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