Pittsburgh Family Law Attorney Heather Trostle Smith Says Mediation Protects Privacy in Custody Clashes

June 15, 2022 | In the News, Mediation

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Interior designer and house flipping reality TV star Christina Hall recently took issue when her ex-husband, Ant Anstead, petitioned the court for full custody of their son rather than attempting to resolve co-parenting challenges privately via a mediator.

Many couples facing contentious divorce and custody matters can benefit from the privacy and control mediation affords, according to Pollock Begg Partner Heather Trostle Smith.

The mediation process guides spouses or parents in establishing solutions that will work for their family while keeping the two individuals in charge of resolving their differences. Mediation may be a preferred option for clients looking to maintain a cordial co-parenting relationship, promote a harmonious environment for their children and keep family decisions in their own hands, rather than letting a third party dictate the outcome.

What makes mediation appealing?

  • It Protects Relationships . . . and Children
  • It Empowers the Parties
  • It Avoids Future Legal Battles
  • It’s Efficient & Discrete

Check out Trostle Smith’s commentary in The Legal Intelligencer for more details on how mediation can help families who’d like to resolve conflicts out of the public eye and out of the view of their children.

Certified in collaborative law and skilled in alternative dispute resolution techniques including mediation, Trostle Smith provides solid plans to guide clients through the legal process to a new chapter in life. Read her online profile for more details and visit our Mediation page to learn about the specialized services offered by Pollock Begg.


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