3 Point Action Plan for Divorce

November 29, 2011 | Divorce, Legal Perspective

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When I meet with new clients, I listen to their unique circumstances, inform them about the legal framework in which their case will be resolved, and develop an action plan that is focused on three points:

1. Progress. Let’s face it: the legal process can be slow and expensive. A long separation and protracted litigation are generally not beneficial to anyone, especially children. That’s why it is so important to plan measurable progress toward a satisfactory resolution of the divorce or custody dispute, or possibly a reconciliation of the marriage. Sales executives have taught me that a goal can be broken down into smaller, more achievable milestones. So, one of the first steps that I take during my initial consultation with clients is to identify the first two or three milestones that will advance the progress of their case toward settlement, litigation, or reconciliation. Once we agree on those steps, we are on the path to a better future.

2. Control. Marital separation is a legal limbo: you’re not really married but you can’t move on with your life. Your finances are tied up. You can’t concentrate on business or family because you’re distracted. When I meet with new clients, I discuss solutions that will restore a measure of control over their lives, whether it is obtaining exclusive possession of a residence, freezing joint credit cards, establishing control over investments or business operations, or settling the case.

3. Sanity. Stress can be destructive for those who don’t have healthy coping mechanisms. Exercise, family and friends, or counseling are some of the better options for coping with the stress associated with marital separation and divorce.  I want to be sure my clients have a support system in place to overcome the challenges of marital separation and divorce. Change can be difficult, but it can be transformative. When I meet with new clients, we try to focus on positive changes that may improve aspects of their lives.

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