Brewing Up a Cure 2011

October 09, 2011 | Family Law News, Legal Perspective

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trub-fundraiser-croppedThis event was so much fun, I decided to post a picture. Here’s me with two members of the Steel City Derby Demons, a Pittsburgh women’s roller derby team that competes in the North Hills. They were some of the featured guests (along with dozens of home-brewed and local craft beers) at “Brewing Up a Cure 2011,” a cystic fibrosis fundraiser organized by the Three Rivers Underground Brewers (T.R.U.B.).

At times, fundraisers can be stuffy, but not this one! No tuxedos or chardonnay here. A rockabilly band called “Highway 13” played live music while guests tasted beers made in the garages of TRUB members, as well as well-known craft beers like Dogfish Head, East End Brewing, and FullPint Brewing. Meanwhile, some others bowled a few frames while enjoying their beers and snacks. I lost my bids on Penguins tickets but at least I came away with a tee shirt and tasting glass. Plus, a sense of well-being from contributing to a worthy cause.

Look for the website again next year, and do yourself a favor by buying VIP tickets. Some of the best brews are only available during the VIP hour, such as a barleywine that won the first ever TRUB Throwdown and a great home-brewed ginger beer. Tickets are modestly-priced, which makes it easy to bid on the silent auction items. A great time in Oakland!

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