Cases Mentioned on PBI “Family Law Update” Broadcast

November 02, 2006 | Family Law News, Legal Perspective

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On the PBI “Family Law Update” satellite broadcast yesterday, I said that I would post the citations to the cases that were not included in the written materials. Here they are:

  • Koehler, 2005 WL 4312126 (Northamp.2005)
  • Johnson, 2006 WL 2589787 (9/11/2006)
  • Johanson v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2006-115
  • Kean v. Commissioner, 407 F.3d 186 (3d Cir.2005)
  • Salesky v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2006-162

I appreciate all of the good feedback that we have received from all over the state! We had a lot of fun during the broadcast. Just before we went on-air, the director invited us to play a game. He gave us an unusual word, to see if each of us could work it into our lectures. All but one of us did! See if you can guess the “secret word” we were given…..

Cases from the trial courts may be available in the Pennsylvania Divorce and Domestic Relations Reporter (PDDRR), published by LRP Pulications. Many law library carry this publication. If you can’t find a court decision there, send me an email and I will fax it to you.

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