Fleeing Spouse Cannot Drag Husband to Court in Another State

December 23, 2009 | Court Decisions, Divorce, Legal Perspective

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I am pleased to announce another Superior Court success story, which will be published soon. In Gaboury v. Gaboury, the wife left the marital residence in Wisconsin and moved to Beaver County, where she filed a divorce action against her husband. Her husband remained in Wisconsin and had no significant connection to Pennsylvania, other than the fact that they had resided here a few years ago. The trial court granted Wife’s request to dissolve the marital status but refused to hear any economic claims such as spousal support, marital property or alimony. The trial court granted Husband’s preliminary objections and dismissed the wife’s economic claims in divorce. The wife appealed, and the Superior Court affirmed, as follows:

1603 Wda 2008 PDF – Adobe Acrobat

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