PBI Business Valuation – 8/12/09

I will be appearing as the host of an upcoming Pennsylvania Bar Institute seminar, Business Valuation and Divorce. My guests will be Bob Grossman CPA and Melissa Bizyak CPA of Grossman Yanak & Ford. Bob, Melissa and I will be talking about the hot topics that confront business owners and their lawyers in divorce litigation, including double dipping, tax issues, executive compensation, and the market-based and income-capitalization models for business valuation. It’s a lot to cover; time will fly!

The seminar will run from noon until 4:15 p.m on August 12, 2009 at the PBI Conference Center in the Heinz 57 Building on Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh (next to the Duquesne Club). It will be broadcast by satellite simultaneously in Philadelphia, Erie, Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg, Washington, Greensburg, Reading, West Chester and Wilkes-Barre. PBI is offering an early bird discount for those who register more than 2 days in advance. Register here!

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