Pittsburgh Family Law Attorneys Celebrate 2017 Conflict Resolution Day

2017 Conflict Resolution DayPittsburgh family law attorneys from our firm were on hand to commemorate Conflict Resolution Day 2017 on Oct. 19. The cocktail reception and awards presentation, held in downtown Pittsburgh at the Allegheny County Family Division Court Building, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Allegheny County’s Generations Program and the 35th anniversary of The Mediation Council of Western PA.

Conflict Resolution Day was created by the Association for Conflict Resolution in 2005 to:

  • Promote awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict.
  • Promote the use of conflict resolution in schools, families, businesses, communities, governments and the legal system.
  • Recognize the significant contributions of peaceful conflict resolvers.
  • Obtain national synergy by having celebrations happen across the country and around the world on the same day.

The MCWP, founded in 1982, is devoted exclusively to the promotion of mediation, public education and support of the mediation profession. MCWP conducts regular educational programs for mediators and produces periodic programs aimed at acquainting the public with the broad scope of problems which can be resolved through mediation. The group has produced Conflict Resolution Day ceremonies for several years and promoted certain alternative dispute resolution activities on Conflict Resolution Day as a reminder and educating technique for the public.

This year’s event included the presentation of the 2017 Conflict Resolution Day Award to the Generations mediators, a group of mediators who have committed 20 years of service to the community through their mediation work with the Generations program. The program, established in 1997 as part of the Child Custody Department, was developed to give parents/caregivers of children an opportunity to resolve their disputes regarding parental schedules prior to proceeding to litigation. The process is mandatory for all who file a custody action in Allegheny County. Generations mediators are members of the legal or mental health fields with advanced degrees and ongoing advanced training in mediation.

“When the Generations program first started it was a monumental change at the time in the way both attorneys and the court system handled custody matters,” said Candice L. Komar, founding partner of Pollock Begg and a trained mediator and collaborative family law attorney. “It has proven incredibly successful in supporting families in making decisions on matters affecting their own children.

We proudly sponsored the MCWP 2017 Conflict Resolution Day as Pittsburgh family law attorneys at the highest sponsorship level possible to promote the practice of mediation, the teaching of mediation techniques, and to spread the knowledge of conflict resolution. As the largest stand-alone firm dedicated solely to family law in western Pennsylvania, we have an obligation to recognize, support and encourage mediation, collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

To learn more from Candice regarding mediation, read her article on divorce mediation. To find out about our different divorce mediators and collaboratively trained family law attorneys, call us at (412) 471-9000 or fill out our online contact form.



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